Skiing & Snowboarding in Canada

With its long cold winters, plentiful snow, and numerous mountain ranges, it is no surprise that Canadian ski and snowboard resorts are some of the best and most famous ski resorts in the world. Many skiers and snowboarders who live in Canada are lucky enough to visit their local ski area every weekend, while international snow sports lovers flock here as often as they can for the ultimate ski vacation or ski holiday.

Although ski resorts or local ski clubs can be found right across the country, the bulk of the skiing in Canada can pretty much be divided between 'east' and 'west'.

Ski Western Canada

The ski resorts of western Canada are located in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, with the lion's share of the skiing being in BC. For international visitors the ski towns of Whistler and Banff are the most popular destinations, helped by their sheer size and proximity to the airports of Vancouver and Calgary respectively. There is however an abundance of lesser known ski resorts, particularly in BC, whose hidden treasures can be discovered with a little extra effort. It is in the Canadian west that you will find the legendary deep and light powder snow often seen in ski movies and perhaps more often the subject of passionate conversations in apres ski bars across the world.
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Ski Eastern Canada

The majority of eastern Canada's major ski resorts are located in the province of Quebec, and it is here that many international visitors come to experience the snowboarding and skiing at the province's best known and biggest resort, Mont Tremblant. Compared to the dramatic rocky peaks of western Canada, the mountains in Quebec are more like rolling tree-covered hills, with charming mountain villages scatterd throughout the region.
With the large populations of Toronto and Ottawa to draw from, there is also a good range of ski resorts and private ski clubs in Ontario, where Blue Mountain is perhaps the most popular destination. For further information about skiing in Quebec and Ontario, visit the links below: